Is it safe to Install Manjaro like this?

The step where I select where grub(or the boot loader goes) is concerning me a lot since I need my grub to stay on the same SSD with the os(Manjaro ) cuz I would like to use an external SSD and not have my windows to become inaccessible after the Linux installation(nor the other way around)

Does calamares(if my spelling is right) always put the bootloader on the same SSD with Manjaro (I’m asking with the normal wipe disk installation since I cannot risk doing this with Kubuntu since it’s bugged) ?

Are there any new known bugs to Calamares(that would not do as I tell it to when it comes to partitioning) and Manjaro about the installation?

I’d go xfce I guess if I can safely install it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for helping me!

You can choose where to place to boot-loader in the installation GUI of Manjaro.
Though for me it was not possible to choose the same HDD for Manjaro and the boot-loader when the option full disk encryption is enabled.

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This is a “non-standard” approach and without knowing all your boundaries, hard to predict if it’s going to work. If you want to boot into your external SSD your firmware must be able to do so. You also have to clarify if you want to have it installed in BIOS or UEFI mode and what partition scheme (msdos or gpt) shall be used for your external SSD.

If all is in good conditions to realize such an installation I personally would skip the installation of the bootloader by Calamares and install it afterwards via grub-install command with the appropriate syntax, of course.


I can tell you that I’m using an Vivobook with 1135g7, 8 GB ram and that unusual Asus EZ bios/UEFI(idk what is that thing, but it’s facy)

Also I’m using Ventoy so I cannot force it to do gpt since If I recall correctly I installed Windows 11 on the SSD inside laptop with MBR(knowing that is the default in Rufus

Idk anything else, but I guess secure boot is on, ain’t that a problem? It was enabled by Asus when I bought the laptop, but since I booted in order to try Manjaro before ain’t it ok like that??

Yes, switch it off to be able to boot into another OS.

Is it safe?

Only you can answer that question. If you’re not sure, you haven’t done enough research.


What’s this? Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise about what you need help with.

Please see:

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But… I was able to boot into Manjaro live usb… I’m not sure if it’s on or not… Soory I guess I mixed something up in terms

I meant in the way I think/try to install it… Like with erase and install option

TBH: What you plan to do looks to be beyond your current skills. :worried:


Come on… I made it successfully back then …like 2 yrs ago, I was asking if there’s any bugs with Calamares, I have access to bios, but I don’t necessarily want to mess with it unless I must

Given that your question is kind of impossible to answer (i.e. you seem to be asking for a guarantee that there is no bug that could cause an issue, and no-one can rule out the possibility of a bug existing), an alternative: grab VirtualBox (or some other virtual machine software), set up the virtual machine to pass through your USB drive, have no virtual disk, and plug in your installer ISO. The virtual machine will only be able to see the USB drive, so there is no risk of any bug impacting you.

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