Is it possible to use this manjaro arm stuff to put a custom ROM on my phone?

I have a smartisan nut pro 2 that I bought off of Facebook marketplace and I see it has custom ROMs I can install android 10. That requires a PC with adb and such? Will my raspberry pi be enough if a PC to use for that purpose? I’m running manjaro arm with the mate desktop.

No, because Manjaro ARM isn’t compatible with Android devices.


I’m not installing manjaro on an android device. I’m installing android 10 onto a Chinese market phone but need a PC with adb? I see in the aur there is adb for pi 3 but I don’t see it for pi 4. Can I use adb for pi 3?

Ah, I read it wrong. You wanted to run adb on Manjaro ARM to unlock your bootlocker and install a custom recovery on your phone to install a Custom ROM.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen an adb package for Raspberry Pi 4. Someone has to make a script for it.

You could try it.


I was looking for someone with experience ideally

android-tools is available in our repository.
It has adb.


Strit to the rescue! Thanks.

As it turns out I can’t seem to unlock the bootloader to do anything. Some web searches produced out of date links and what not. I have developer mode working with USB debugging butvi don’t see anyboem unlock option in developer options. I can see the boot options by holding down volume and power but when I try to bootvinto bootloader it just reboots. May have to call it quits in a few days. Tried sending fastboot oem unlock to the phone from a terminal but it just satvthere doing nothing. Made some posts on XDA and others. Hope this pans out. Manjaro arm seems up to the task of providing the desktop tools I need. So that’s good.

That pretty much seals this phones fate. I do have google play store installed by following instructions to search the Chinese store for GMS and look for the program that has that on the icon. Don’t have the ability to read mandarin but it still installs. I guess smartisan os did away with OEM unlocking for the boot loader. That’s a shame. Phone has great specs for a 4 year old phone and would have been awesome with android 10. Oh well. Good news is that manjaro arm still runs great.