Is it possible to use system binaries for archiving and extraction in peazip?

how i can use system binaries instead of the-ones provided by peazip in res file for archiving and extraction

How do you know it doesn’t? How did you install it?

peazip-qt5 in the AUR depends on 7-zip and optionally depends on unace and a few others.

i installed from AUR peazip-qt5-bin but it use their own binaries

Wait … so you explicitly installed the precompiled binary version (*-bin), and dont want its binaries?

That package uses the portable release, which ships with its own binaries instead of relying on the installed ones: PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

You may want to use peazip-qt-bin instead : AUR (en) - peazip-qt-bin
Or another archive manager available in the repositories rather than from AUR.

thank you

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