Is it possible to use a tesla gpu m40 with a titan Black in linux?

Hello; im waiting for a tesla m40 to arrive. The gpu has no hdmi. My motherboard has 2 pci express and one of them has a nvidia titan Black with proprietary drivers (where the hdmi is connect ed) installed in manjaro wayland kde session.

In Windows all thats required is to change the default gpu to the tesla m40 and configure the m40 for graphics rendering. I know how to change to graphics rendering mode in manjaro but i have no idea how to do this in linux.

I read about prime offloading but i think thats with Intel nvidia. Do you guys know if thats possible with nvidia nvidia?

Thanks in advance


Well, the card is not supported within Manjaro, however you can download some drivers from Nvidia …

Sure im ok with that the thing is; it has no vídeo out ports ; in Windows you simply select the default vídeo rendering card with igpu só that card renders graphics whilst the other does only vídeo out. Is there a way to do this on linux?