Is it possible to update / upgrade OS installed into Manjaro Gnome Boxes?

In have Manjaro Gnome 23.0.2 with Linux 6.1.53-1 running OK. I installed Manjaro KDE 23.0.1-230911-linux65.iso into this Manjaro Gnome Boxes. The after-installation-update download of 230 packages (about 870 MB) was OK, but installation of downloaded packages halted at package 155/230 (upgrade plasma-workspace 5.27.7-2 β†’ 5.27.8-1) and VM Manjaro KDE in Gnome Boxes was frozen. I deleted this installation and made a new one, but - so far - rejected requests from Manjaro servers for upgrade.

My question: Can the OS installed into Gnome Boxes be updated / upgraded or not ? If yes, please instruct as much as you can.

yes this should be possible, I do this regularly with gnome/custom images.

Instructions are the same for regular updates.

Edit: I use virtmanager, under the hood this is ’ the same’ as boxes.
more info: libvirt - ArchWiki

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@Hanzel Thank you fro reply. In VM I found Manjaro KDE so fascinating that I decided to try it more and installed it instead of Gnome.

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