Is it possible to update Gwenview-Playlist periodicaly?

Hello out there,

i want to show some photos at a party with the playlist function in gwenview. The problem is, that the ammount of photos will increase during the party, because the guests can upload there snapshots to the computer showing the fotos.

As a KDE-User i wanted to use gwenview as the program to show all the photos. But i discovered, that gwenview only shows the photos that are present when starting the playlist. The options don’t have a function to update the playlist periodicaly.

Is there an option to update the playlist periodicaly or is there another picture viewer with this function you could suggest?

Thank you



Gwenview can refresh the sources from a folder by pressing F5, but not when in slideshow. What you want to do might be possible with feh image viewer that you find in our repos, and using a script like this run in terminal from the folder you have the pictures:

feh -Z -F -R 2 -Y -D 2

-Z is autozoom
-F fullscreen
-R 2 is the reload interval of 2 seconds from new sources
-Y is to hide pointer
-D 2 is slideshow delay between images so you can set it to be longer that 2 seconds as in my example …

Never tested it on a huge number of images, so i can’t tell how it performs.

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