Is it possible to uninstall a Virtualbox update?

I run Manjaro Cinnamon edition on both my desktop and my laptop. I also have Virtualbox installed on both machines and they both run the same version of Windows7 (in the VM)
A few days ago I applied the latest Manjaro update to the laptop. This updated Virtualbox as well as the ‘Guest Addition’ from 7.0.10 to 7.0.12 Unfortunately there is an issue with the Guest addition and trying to install it crashed Windows VM! (the Virtualbox team is working on a fix) Even more unfortunately (or stupidity on my part), I did not take a snapshot of the VM before updating, and the most recent Manjaro backup is almost 7 months old!? If I was to restore that would it cause issues?
I can ‘copy/paste’ the VM from the desktop to the laptop. The VM settings are identical except for the RAM (the desktop has more) but I should probably downgrade Virtualbox from 7.0.12 to 7.0.10 first, but I’m not sure how to do that?? and would that cause an error in ‘Pamac’? Thanks

Did you try downloading a fresh copy of the VirtualBox Extension Pack 7.0.12 from Oracle?

Also, which kernel are you using?
You might have better success with kernel 6.1 LTS, if not already using it.

A Manjaro backup that old will likely cause issues; in my opinion.

I’m not sure that downgrading virtualbox and virtualbox-host-dkms (in the traditional sense) is necessarily the best option; or possible, without an amount of complication. That said, I’ve never found the need to, myself, so this may not be entirely accurate.

Installing an older VirtualBox version ( from Oracle might be an option, however, this isn’t often recommended.

Some information on installing VirtualBox in Manjaro, for possible reference.