Is it possible to specify the location for yay to use when installing a package?

I am trying to update eclipse-java, but while installing, it also compiles eclipse for various other languages and ultimately runs out of space on the partition.

Is it possible to tell yay to use a different location to store the build files during this process so that it does not run out of space?

man yay will tell you.
You can also look in ~/.config/yay/config.json


you may edit the PKGBUILD file manually and makepkg
Look at the source pkgbuild here
edit the line that says


to something like


or whatever language you want from the list.

makepkg wiki article for reference

I have not used yay, so can’t comment about yay-specific workflow

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Right, I think I missed it when I was looking before, thanks!

Thanks, that’s very helpful, will give it a try!

So I edited the package build and it worked well!

Except I think I in fact have the eclipse package installed. I only need Java though, not any of the other languages.

The AUR page says to remove eclipse-common, but doing so gives another error as removing eclipse-common breaks dependency 'eclipse-common=4.14-1' required by eclipse-java

I’m not sure how to proceed here, any advice?

try to remove all eclipse-* packages you compiled from AUR and start from scratch. You won’t lose any user config.
pacman -Qm will list all AUR packages.

Thanks, I think that will probably work.

I only have eclipse-common and eclipse-java so it will be the same effect as removing and reinstalling the package right?