Is it possible to show thumbnails on picture & video files only?

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I am just wondering, Is it possible in nautilus to shows thumbnails on picture & video files only? I am using Manjaro Gnome. Nautilus (files) doesn’t have many options. What I would like to do is just have thumbnails only on picture & video files. I don’t like the thumbnails on PDF files or other file formats

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thumbnails of specific file types can be disabled using dconf-editor. you can install it with pacman (pacman -S dconf-editor ) but i think it comes pre-installed in manjaro-gnome

now launch dconf-editor and navigate to org > gnome > desktop > thumbnailers > disable

turn off the option Use default value and paste the MIME type of PDF 'application/pdf' in the value field of disable key:

this will prevent nautilus from generating thumbnails of PDF’s in the future but old thumbnails will be there. to solve this you’ll have to clear nautilus thumbnail cache

open .cache and delete the thumbnails folder (rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails). reboot or kill nautilus for change to take effect

to disable thumbnails for other file types, add there MIME type in disable list as described above. seprate multiple types with comma:


for complete list of MIME types visit


Thank you for your reply
This worked
I have tried to add .odt files to thumbnailers > disable

This didn’t work : [‘application/pdf’,‘application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text’]
What is correct mimetype with LibreOffice .odt files ???


not happening on my side :point_down:


try with this line:

['application/pdf', 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text']

and also clear cache:

rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails

relaunch nautilus :crossed_fingers:

Excellent, it worked
I have also added application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet that is working as well.

Thank you very much :+1:

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