Is it possible to show and pin recent projects in VSCODE XFCE?

Hi, I installed XFCE in my work and (in my home I’m using KDE) and I realized that I cannot see recents files/projects when I’m pressing right click in the icons of the taskbar?.

Is there a option to do it or is not possible in XFCE and I don’t know if it’s possible PIN the folders?

This is a example of KDE


Hello whats up. It is probably an addition that is only in KDE as its own integration. But there may be an extension that you can use for the same purpose, although taking into account that xfce is somewhat slow in its development, it is likely that it does not exist.

I believe the “Places” panel plugin has a “Show Recent Documents” option.

Also, I think thunar added this functionality a bit ago;

xfce4-places-plugin from AUR is what you need. Then add to panel.
I used it for a while but you can also access the recents from thunar itself from the left panel, it is above the trash.

Thanks for all the replies.
Tomorrow I will check it in my work and see if I can have the same result.

What I would like mainly would be to be able to right-click on vscode and have my top 5 pinned projects just like I have on Windows and Manjaro (KDE in home) but in XFCE.

Haven’t found a trick to do exactly that, unfortunately. I do not think it is possible

:sob: :sob: :sob:
It’s a pity, the only alternative I may have is to use Places and adapt myself to that, as everyone has told me here.

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