Is it possible to run WINE/Proton inside a Manjaro VM?

I’ve recently installed Manjaro into a Proxmox VM, and passed my GPU through to it. However, games running on WINE either perform absolutely horrendously, silently fail, or completely fail to launch directx. The errors I’m getting don’t make a ton of sense, and there isn’t much online for them - most threads online refer to specific issues. I’m beginning to suspect that WINE just doesn’t work inside a VM, but even high-level searches for “run wine in VM” is just returning results about whether or not you should pick WINE or a VM for running applications.

So I’ll ask here – is running WINE inside a VM even possible? Or is it just not something that works?

Thanks in advance!

Wine will work in a virtual machine for as far as it does not require extensive graphic support.

I am not sure that Lutris/Steam/Proton will run well though as that would require the aforemention gpu support.

But if you are running a Linux - it makes no sense to run wine in a vm - no sense at all.

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I’ll say that it’s clear that running Proton in a VM in this situation, where I already have working GPU passthrough, isn’t the best solution – I’m using Manjaro as a preference here, I just really don’t like using Windows. I was hoping there was a way to at least tell what’s going on, but proton logs aren’t providing me with much in the way of hints, much less answers.

Maybe WINE doesn’t play nice with passthrough hardware? I’m not sure.

Running gaming in virtual environments is adding another layer which then comes with it’s own challenges.

I see proxmox as a pendent to esxi which is designed for a completely different usecase.

If you were running vmware workstation or virtualbox - you would likely have better succes with the passthrough of your GPU.

Have you tried the forum search function - there is a few topics on the subject?

Arch wiki has info as well PCI passthrough via OVMF - ArchWiki

Another option is a more general search using a search engine

manjaro gpu passthrough

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Yeah, I was using Google to search for my error messages instead of just checking the docs, which was getting frustrating. ArchWiki suggests a bunch of tweaks that’ll probably help, especially the virtio storage devices. It’s still not clear exactly what is causing my WINE issues, though - reading through it, that doc doesn’t really touch on WINE as far as I could tell. I’ll give these tweaks a shot and report back. Thanks!

Hi, I don’t know what your configuration is, but here is my experience:
Wine in a VM works fine, but the graphics performance is not really usable.
My GTX 970 together with virt-manager/KVM/Qemu was not able to use Spice with 3D. My attempt to use an old Radeon 5770 via GPU passthrough was successful in principle, but had massive graphics glitches, which made gaming unusable.

Therefore my recommendation: Create space on your disk for a small partition with a minimal Manjaro (preferably Xfce).
Much less effort, no problems and full performance.

Just my two cents.

If the intention was to run a Steam game (or similar) in WINE because its only available for Windows, setting up a multiboot environment might be a solution, despite your apparent distaste of using Windows. Cheers.