Is it possible to run my Manjaro installation on another PC?

Hi all,

I am planning to spend a few days at my friend’s place. My friend has an Intel-based PC, whereas my PC is AMD motherboard+CPU. Is it possible to take out the SSD in my computer and insert it into my friend’s computer hoping Manjaro to run as is ? I mean, will my Manjaro installation be able to boot off a different motherboard and CPU and work well enough ?

Thanks for any tips.
Manish Jain

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You may find this Arch Wiki useful:
It should generally work, but some configurations are needed.

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Yes it is possible. But you need to boot with the fallback image. You can select it in the grub menu.

The CPU is usually not the main problem. The GPU drivers are, specially if the nvidia driver is involved. If all systems use the opensource drivers, there is no problem. But if any special X configuration is required, the boot might stop without a GUI. You need the switch to a tty and go from there.

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be careful , EFI are not the same with motherboard
you may boot with USB iso manjaro , checks disk an choose SSD.

prefs & drivers videos will not work

prefer boot on US iso Manjaro live

As an alternative, a live manjaro system.
I’ve used UNetbootin to create a bootable Live USB drive. Make it persistent, so it remembers your changes.
Although it doesn’t look like manjaro is supported :frowning:

Also search for “Persistent USB” in the archived manjaro forum.

Last, there is always remote access.

I think I have all the information needed to make this work. Thanks all for the inputs.

Manish Jain

THANKS, bourne for making this post

You might wan’t to look at this: Manjaro XFCE 20.0.3 - Persistent USB - released