Is it possible to run manjaro xfce with no qt5

Is it possible to run manjaro xfce with no qt (i.e., qt5-base)?

I initially installed kate on xfce, but I’ve since removed it. I use quiterss on kde4, but will look for an alternative on Manjaro xfce. I noticed manjaro-settings-manager requires qt5-base.

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Hi @stargazer,

  1. Yes it is possible, but many applications depend on this toolkit.
  2. Why do you want this?

Some of the Manjaro tools use Qt5, like Manjaro Settings Manager.

But if you don’t need/want those tools, you can uninstall them and XFCE will still work.

Possibly due to update troubles/challenges, like I have at the moment: huge font and not a clue to remedy that :grin:

pactree -r qt5-base

On a vm I did remove qt5-base, and then reinstalled manjaro-settings-manager and the output from pactree was definitely shorter.

I’ll just keep my eye on what gets installed and favor GTK apps.


When I do the same, I use Flatpak to avoid messing with my Xfce :wink:

I’m not a flatpak user :slight_smile: I’m trying to remove myself from QT as much as possible, and KDE. The three main features I liked in Kate were the syntax highlighting, session management and join/reformat lines via keystroke to the word wrap marker. I haven’t installed gedit yet, but have done some reading, and I think it might work. I mainly need it for writing documentation. I’m hoping to take my physical KDE 4 machine and convert it to a virtual machine (P2V), so I can view it and use it if necessary on my new XFCE desktop.

When I reinstalled the manjaro-settings-manager, manjaro-xfce-settings was not installed. I realized I’m missing all the manjaro files in /etc/skel/.config. I got a better understanding when I was reading about restoring the shortcut keys. The OP of that thread used the Reset to Defaults in the GUI, but the solution was to copy the file from /etc/skel/.config.

I found the above when I was trying to figure out how Super-L and the Whisker Menu worked. This is when I found xcape.desktop, also in /etc/skel/.config

Bottom line, even though I reinstalled manjaro-xfce-settings, it isn’t enough and I’m not exactly sure what I need to do manually what was done automatically when the system was orginally installed. I’ll probably compare the files in /etc/skel/.config with what’s in $HOME. This is a VM, so I’m free to experiment :slight_smile:

Well, then this is your problem.
Any use of a KDE program will install a tremendous number of (conflicting) KDE/Plasma dependencies.
Flatpak contains those, thus avoids conflicts.
If you don’t want to use it…

Sorry, must be a misunderstanding. I don’t want any kde programs, so don’t need flatpak. Yeah, I initially installed kate, but realized I’ll survive and removed it. I associate QT with KDE (I shouldn’t) and wondered if I could get a “pure” GTK desktop.

So pactree showed me the impact. I learned that Manjaro tools rely on QT and I lost some config files (/etc/skel/.config) in the process, but knowledge was gained :slight_smile: and it can be fixed. I’m just not sure if reinstalling those two packages are enough.

I did find it valuable to learn that a user shouldn’t use the Reset to Defaults in the GUI, but rather copy the file from /etc/skel/.config.

But to answer my OP, can manjaro XFCE run with no qt5, the answer is no because a user will lose Manjaro Setting Manager and Manjaro settings in /etc/skel/.config.