Is it possible to program the buttons on a Huion graphics tablet to work for Photoshop running on wine?

I’m thinking of buying a HUION INSPIROY H950P for work, this is the first time I buy a graphics tablet.
Before buying, I wanted to confirm if it would be possible to program it’s buttons.
The tab is supported in DIGImend, but how are the buttons programmed?
After thinking about it, do you set the button to run a combination like Ctrl+C?
Would appreciate any advice, thanks.

In principle you should be able to install the AUR (en) - digimend-kernel-drivers-dkms via an AUR helper, like pamac, or from terminal with:

pamac build digimend-kernel-drivers-dkms

Before that you will need to install the linux-headers for your installed/running kernels. he following command will install the linux-headers automatically for all installed kernels:

sudo pacman -S $(pacman -Qsq "^linux" | grep "^linux[0-9]*[-rt]*$" | awk '{print $1"-headers"}' ORS=' ')

Once installed, there are qa few ways to deal with the mapping of the button:

  • Install xsetwacom to handle the button mappings, or try the next:
  • Follow this that will help if you want to use native UI to configure buttons in Gnome, and it might work, and also will help in case of the next case.
  • If you chose KDE Plasma as your DE you will also have to follow this

If you get stuck at some point, you can simply ask here. Since i did not tested myself that tablet, i can’t be 100% sure what would be the outcome, reason why we do not quite encourage Product Recommendations.


Thanks allot @bogdancovaciu for all the advice. I’ll order the tablet and see how it goes.

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