How to install kcm-wacom tablet?

basically title i can’t find the commands anywhere and i don’t know how use pacman and stuff

also is gui available for all tablets supported by digimend drivers?

(sorry if i used wrong flairs or posted in wrong place idk how to use forum)

There is the Wacom Tablet And Pen - Manjaro wiki. If that is not helpful, just open up terminal and run this command:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu kcm-wacomtablet

You have to reboot the system after that to be available, and some tablets need to be turn off and on again at first boot to work.

Only the models that got added … so no, not all of them.

thank you and turns out i got gui for my tablet but my tablet is huion h1162 sold as huion rtp 700 but the wacom tablet is showing h950p and everything is working fine so there shouldn’t be a problem right? or i did something wrong

From what i gathered that has 8 programmable press keys while the

has 6 touch keys + a touch strip
If the settings work, then all should be fine, otherwise might be an issue upstream with the IDs.