Is it possible to modify calamares installer of the live iso?

Hello! I’m just trying to make a “fork” of manjaro linux. I learnt that manjaro has a toolkit named “manjaro-tools”, so that I can modify the iso file. I could change live-packages, desktop-packages etc. But it downloads calamares using pacman during the live iso’s booting time. And I want to modify this calamares installer, changing logos, strings etc. Is it possible? Calamares’s source code is avaliable on github but I don’t know if it will work. Do I have to implement something to make calamares install manjaro?

Take a look at /etc/manjaro-tools/branding.desc.d

You can build the iso using -x - then inspect the build folder

Also - in the calamares documentation inspect setting for the relevant components

Thank you so much, i will try this as soon as possible

Hi! With your helps, I could get the unbuild version of the iso. But I don’t know how to rebuild it after modifying it, can you please help?

buildiso -h

When you used -x you will be instructed at the end how to build the actual iso

I still couldn’t manage to turn this into an iso file. It doesn’t say what i ought to do :confused:

Well, my bad. It was bc i haven’t got enough disk space :smiley: