Is it possible to mix graphic-drivers in multiseat?

I do have a Multiseat setup with 2 seats and 2 (different) nvidia-cards using nouveau. It was nessecary to use 2 cards because i could not get it working with one card to have 2 seats :frowning:
After some work this works fine since a few years.

Now i may need to replace the older card. Amd-cards are much cheaper then nvidia-cards.

  • But is ist possible to use nvidia-card for seat0
  • and amd-card for seat1

Does anyone have such a setup running ?
P.S. I am no gamer, but a developer :wink: , and i do know that the risk will stay at my side.

I have seen multiseat - posts with 2 AMD-Card and posts with 2 Nvidia-cards, but nothing mixed ;-(