Is It Possible To Map [Back] To A Fast Double-Click Of Right Mouse Button?


Running Manjaro KDE fully updated.

Is it possible to map [Back] command(for Internet browsers) to a fast double-click of right mouse button?
I want to use a wireless mouse and it unfortunately does not have a [Back] button on the side.

Let me know, thank you…


Hi Again,

I would settle for changing middle mouse button to [Back].
Middle mouse button currently opens URL link in new tab on Internet browsers.
Any ideas?


I think what I want is “xbindkeys”, but when I try to install it
I receive error: “Invalid or corrupted package”?

Any ideas on how to install “xbindkeys” on Manjaro KDE?

pamac install xbindkeys

… or…

sudo pacman -S xbindkeys

But that is not the right tool for doing what you want to do. Remapping the mouse buttons must be done by creating a configuration file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. See the X.Org documentation on how to write such a file.

Don’t forget to log out and back in (or reboot) after adding the file.

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I’ll try that, thank you!


In the end I did not need this.

The issue was my new motherboard had zero USB2.0 ports on the back.
Sometimes my keyboard would not be detected on boot.
Also, my old HP printer did not work in USB 3.0.

I ordered a rear expansion USB 2.0 bracket just now(I have a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard)

Should be ok when I get above part, thanks!

What on Earth does this… :point_up_2:

…have to do with this? :point_down:

It feels like two separate issues were cross-wired into the same thread.

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