Is it possible to make hidden file paths visible?

I’m curious about the hidden files that have a dot in front of them. Is it possible to make the path visible? I know that I can just press ctrl+h to view all the hidden files, but for example, I downloaded the Vortex Mod Manager for Fallout New Vegas, and when I attempt to search for the path to the game folder, it can’t find it because it’s in a hidden file. I did remove the dot to make it visible, but it just created another .local path. So I am curious, is there a way I can make that path visible, and is it critical that I don’t delete the dot for the path?

The problem is not that something is hidden or what. The problem is that KDE default search (Baloo) is garbage. Disable it and add a Search button that opens a proper search application like Kfind (install it then go to your file manager settings to add the button) in your file manager.

Also obviously if you change anything in the path it will break the path, so do you think we need to answer the question?

Well the easiest solution to make it visible is a symlink.

ln -srvf ~/.local ~/local
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Indeed a nice trick/workaround to fix Baloo search, for this specific folder. Problem is that it is required to do so on every hidden path you wish to be able to search.

They never made Baloo able to search hidden paths, this is the real problem.

Btw… why are you talking about baloo?

The Vortex Mod Manager is a windows program running in wine and it open files with the wine explorer which can clearly not see dotfiles by default.

Nah I figured as much. Thanks for the swift answer!

Well the easiest solution to make it visible is a symlink.

ln -srvf ~/.local ~/local

So I guess this would be the answer, but this would cause an issue with the path right? Or just recreate a new .local path?

As you have guessed, all files and folders starting with a dot are hidden. That’s standard on Linux.

You have many of those hidden folders in your home directory. They are usually set so to store software configurations, which you usually don’t need to access so often, and thus no need to keep under your nose.
That dot is still part of the file/folder name, and thus a software expecting to look/store files within will always have that dot in its path. Meaning: local and .local will always be considered distinct paths.

no… the names are different. One with dot, the other without. You can call the symlink however you want…

ln -srvf ~/.local/ ~/what-ever-you-want

Got it. Good to know then. Thank you for the help!

Because he’s using KDE and using Baloo.

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