Is it possible to limit the mobile data or cut 4G but not the mobile network?


As asked in the title, I’m looking if there’s a way to limit the mobile data (2G/3G/4G) to a certain amount because if I use more than 50 Mo with the SIM card I’m using to test the PinePhone I’m gonna pay fee… (ya it’s a 0€/month)

Also I noticed I can’t cut the mobile data (2G/3G/4G) without cutting also the mobile network (Call/SMS), or is it something hidden I didn’t found yet? :roll_eyes:

I’m actually by default with ‘Manjaro-ARM’, does ‘Lomiri’, ‘Phosh’ or ‘Plasma Mobile’ able to do it?

Also is Wifi prioritary on 4G?

(Not sure I posted in the right section, sorry if it’s the case)


Well I found out my operator leave me the option to deactivate the mobile data.
Would do the trick for now but it doesn’t answer the question so I leave this topic open…

Posh standard but updated version (pacman -Syu performed) manjaro that the phone is shipped with.

you can set your modem preferences to choose what type of network it should connect to , by default it’ll go for the best connection it can get.

In the setup under mobile there is a general switch to disable your global cell connection.
Underneath are 2 slidebars the 1 for mobile data separately disconnects your data connection.

However the 4G sign is still displayed the greyed out sign (2 arrows pointing at eachother) now shows.
Your are still connected to a 4G network for calling and texting SMS.

Test a bit with the slide bars. Its possible to disable/enable mobile data seperatly , without losing cell tower connection.

My bad, forgot to says, system is already up to date, no need to -Syu, ethernet plug do it fine.

Already did that before, also the reason I opened this topic ^^’

Anyway thanks for the answer.

As I won’t get any answer to this problem, the best answer is to lock the ‘data’ directly by the operator.

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