Is it possible to hide an application from the system?

Hello! Is it possible to hide the application from the system, made it just a library (dependency). I really dislike VLC and would like to get rid of it, but important components of KDE depend on it. Is it possible to force the system to ignore VLC as an application but use it as a dependency?

??? you want only hide/remove menu entry ?

yes, use noextract in pacman.conf with target the .desktop file

Edit the menu and hide the entry - in applications search for menu editor

Can’t really see why kde has a dependency of vlc just does not make sense.

You could remove it with sudo pacman -Rdd vlc.

But if it actually is a dependency, some KDE applications might crash or show undesired behavior.

What is your dependency output from VLC?

pacman -Qi vlc

Required By     : phonon-qt6-vlc
Optional For    : None

Only Phonon-qt6-vlc package is required on my system.

But this in turn depends on vlc - on Arch, at least.

You could also remove this, I guess it’s only needed when using Okular to view videos or PDFs with multimedia content?

I didn’t see any downside for the moment. But I’ll only used Okular for plain and simple PDFs.

Yeah true, since a VLC Package is required for VLC and looks okay to uninstall. As OP i had installed KDE Full ISO installed,
so i guess it should be the same for him.

I never saw video content, integrated on PDF’s :man_shrugging:

As you already know, VLC is a dependency of several other applications. You could simply choose another application as your default audio and/or video player (smplayer for example);

System SettingsDefault ApplicationsMultimedia

and simply delete the .desktop file for VLC:

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/vlc.desktop

Problem solved.

Caveat:- The .desktop file is replaced when VLC is updated.


I just love smplayer with Modern UI Skin and its highly customisable when i look at the default settings (config file) or the layout.

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The default skin is just plain ugly (my opinion) but the Modern skin, makes all the difference. I use smplayer as default for it’s comparative lightness in my KDE system; though I also keep VLC for valid reasons apart from dependency requirements.

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100% the default SMPlayer skin looks like a Windows 3.11 skin from 1990 or something like that… total ugly, like someone put 320x400 resolution texture placed on it, that could fits 486 Dinosaur PC’s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Modern skin should be the default.

I donated several times money to the developer, because smplayer is just the one and only media player i want to use under Linux and i don’t see anything which comes close to the quality.

Specially when i look all this options and quick video ratio+additional ratio/zoom function’s. The developer put really effort into this player. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The dependency you are talking about is phonon-qt6-vlc. If you have mpv installed, you can redirect this dependency to phonon-qt6-mpv:

Uninstall VLC under Plasma 6 (dependency phonon-qt6-vlc):

=> Install phonon-qt6-mpv first: yay phonon-qt6-mpv

=> Then uninstall phonon-qt6-vlc: sudo pacman -R phonon-qt6-vlc

=> After you have uninstalled phonon-qt6-vlc, then uninstall vlc: sudo pacman -R vlc

=> Reboot

However, phonon-qt6-mpv is a package from the AUR, so install with yay.

Edit: However, there will still be vlc folders in your /home directory that you will have to delete manually.

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