Is it possible to have a login screen with the old green accent colour?

I’ve managed to find a way to re-colour in green my Manjaro GNOME (in case you’re interested, I installed this extension: This GNOME Extension Brings 'Material You' to Linux Desktops - OMG! Ubuntu!), but the login screen, although properly branded with the Manjaro logo, is still in Adwaita blue since the switch to Gnome 42.

Was it a deliberate choice that of not colouring it in green? Will it change in the future? Is there a way to change the accent colour?

Not a super-pressing issue, but any help is appreciated.

The Maia theming we had been using previously was not compatible with GNOME 42, so it was dropped.

Perhaps. It will be easier with the upcoming Libadwaita Recoloring API.

FYI, you can also customize your theme using gradience now in the Manjaro community repo.

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Thanks for replying. I’ve had a look at Gradience and it seems to do pretty much what I need. For the login screen, I’ll wait. :+1:

And for the login screen you could use Login Manager Settings, but there a few steps required, which could easily break gdm (tools->extract default theme->edit css file yourself), not recommended.

I take the chance to ask if anyone in the Manjaro team could share the colour values for creating an “unofficial” Manjaro theme in Gradience…

Sure, I’m not getting into that.

Our original maia color was