Is it possible to dual boot on my raspberry pi 4b

Like say with manjaro piberry and something else. I don’t know really what else… OK maybe windows 10 arm? Don’t know what else I would want. Not a fan of kodi, android perhaps? OK so android dual booting with manjaro arm. Can that be done?

It is possible to dual boot Windows
I don’t know about Android.


That’s pretty awesome. I had built an iso for windows 10 when I thought it might be needed to root my phones boot loader but as it turns out there’s no OEM unlocking in the developer options so I never tried to install it. Honestly I don’t know what else I would dual boot with so android seems like the only option I would use since chromium os for pi has no android subsystem, Linux subsystem is not installing, there’s no real way to get widevine installed and sound over Bluetooth is choppy and studdering. 256gb drive has a lot of space left unused…

I was wondering if you’re still using grub or uboot (or a mix of both) to enable different kernels on the same rpi4…

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The more I looked at lineage os the less I like the idea. The escape key doesn’t work, no overscan option, I had no sound except over Bluetooth and even then with it all the way up i could barely hear it. Manjaro works but aside from that and Debian based oses i think nothing is really out of beta much.

I have experimented quite a bit with booting the rpi4. I find uefi + grub works quite well and easily enough maintained without breaking Manjaro. U-boot can do some interesting things but does not like my favorite keyboard. So currently I am using uefi rather than u-boot but that could change depending on what I can do about my keyboard.

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Did you have to mess with eeprom or just install grub like one normally would for arch?

If you want android try fydeos. Its a chromeos fork but runs android apps really well. Everything seems to work ok

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For grub, the key is to use --removable when running grub-install. That will create grub as an efi binary and place it where the uefi will find it.

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Will check that out thanks

I see it has the option to dual boot install but it was greyed out and I couldn’t get it to work.

Good to know that. Thank you!