Is it possible to configure the execution of items from the context menu?

Hello. Is it possible to configure the execution of items from the context menu after clicking. Otherwise, something from the menu is accidentally launched

To the best of my knowledge, what you’re asking for is not supported. Your only chance would be to hack into the Qt/KDE source code and edit the mouse behavior, but even GTK applications don’t support it, so you’d have to hack GTK too. :man_shrugging:

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Isn’t that because you move your cursor (far enough) while right-clicking, so that it highlights a menu entry before your release it?

Yep. Is it possible to turn off launch by right click at all?

No, but pressing Esc should close the popup menu.

Seemingly…So easy, but actually so hard. Like bite an elbow

Very sensitive mouse. I can’t catch it. My lovely “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper” - I see it all the time in a day

Can’t you make it less sensitive somehow?
Alternatively, now that you know you can select a right-click menu entry by release that right-click, you could now use right-click menu that way, instead of using the right-click only for opening that menu.

You can remap your right click button instead if it’s too sensitive, but you need an alternative button unless you don’t want to trigger context menu at all.

Yes - In system settings → workspace behavior > general behavior → clicking files or folders → selects them

Isn’t that for the left click? Unless you’re left-handed of course…

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Not entirely - but I may have completely misunderstood - the function affect other actions as well.

Plasma defaults to open on click - which can be change in above mention location - and, at least to me, this behavior is rather confusing.

Perhaps there is settings in Accessibility which can be used to adapt the experience

You say that regardless where, the context menu via right click, will launch whatever option in the context menu that you hover the mouse, without left click on that menu item?

If you have a keyboard with one of those Wi… I have to say it, "Windows keys"¹ (i bit my tongue) on it, try using that…? The menu might not pop up where you’re used to, but that’s nowhere near the mouse’s fault.
Disclaimer: it works for me.
¹Edit: the one on the right hand side of the keyboard: menu key, wasn’t available until the one on the left also was introduced, at least I never saw the one on the right before that.