Is it possible to bypass a directory using org.gtk.vfs.UDisks2VolumeMonitor?


I’m using a mount point at fstab with sshfs. Something like →

user@xxx.217.xx.105:/home/user /home/user/Development/ fuse.sshfs noauto,x-systemd.automount,_netdev,users,idmap=user,IdentityFile=/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa/,allow_other,reconnect,port=50022,compression=yes,default_permissions,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

So this line at fstab will mount/umount with autodemand a remote dir into my local filesystem at → /home/user/Development/

All ok, thunar Ok, but when I don’t have internet connection there are many delays, even “Desktop” and Thunar have temporary stalls.

With the command:
xfdesktop-settings -e

I saw this: →

(xfdesktop-settings:3242): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:21:35.857: Content added to the action area of a dialog using header bars

(xfdesktop-settings:3242): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:21:35.858: Content added to the action area of a dialog using header bars
DBG[xfdesktop-common.c:324] xfdesktop_debug_set(): debugging enabled
Error creating proxy: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gtk.vfs.UDisks2VolumeMonitor: Failed to activate service ‘org.gtk.vfs.UDisks2VolumeMonitor’: timed out (service_start_timeout=120000ms) (g-dbus-error-quark, 20)

(xfdesktop-settings:3242): Gtk-WARNING **: 11:21:51.062: Failed to measure available space: Error getting filesystem info for /home/user/Development/ No such device

So the problem is that the " org.gtk.vfs.UDisks2VolumeMonitor" service is trying to measure the available space on a non-existent network mount point.

Is it possible to somehow tell this service not to try to measure a particular directory, a sort of blacklist or similar of directories to avoid ?


Hi, a temporary solution that I have found.

Reading info about here:

I defined the environment variable GVFS_REMOTE_VOLUME_MONITOR_IGNORE inside .xinitrc file (at my home directory) adding this line:


Now there is no error when I launch the command:

xfdesktop-settings -e

But I think there could be a more specific solution, only applicable to the mount point in the “/etc/fstab” file, maybe a similar parameter other parameters like:


But I have not been able to find a specific parameter that disables “gvfs-volume-monitor” for a mount point in fstab.

See information about this params here:

At some point you will need to restart the monitor daemon.

systemctl --user restart gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor.service 
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Perhaps rethinking your mount approach to not use fstab?

There is various other methods to deal with remote mountpoints.

mount units can handle any kind of remote file systems including sshfs.

There is also the option of using gio mount - [root tip] [Utility Script] GIO mount samba share - is for smb but I am fairly certain it can adapted to ssh as well.

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Thanks, linux-aarhus, I hadn’t thought of that possibility, I’ll look into it and if I find a solution I’ll post it here.