Is it normal that there hasn't been a stable update for more than a month?

Usually there a few stable updates every month, but there hasn’t been one since 13 January. Is there a particular reason why? Just curious…

Yes, it is perfectly normal, and especially now that there appear to be some serious problems with the Arch key ring.

Please see the most recent Unstable Updates and Testing Updates threads.


Arch keyring works just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Addressing the topic question

Yes - that is normal - which is why you should never mix stable branch and AUR - but the interval is variable - we have had times where several snaps to stable was needed.

No - there is no issues with the keyring.

But there were an issue with manjaro-tools which got triggered by the recent update of pacman on unstable branch.

That issue only affected unstable branch AND only in combination with manjaro-tools.


Just to clarify. I didn’t mean that something unusual was being done on the Manjaro Team’s side. I just wanted to understand what was the reason for this. Thanks for providing details.

Just for the nerds:

From January 2021 to February 2024, there have been (by my count):

  • Testing channel: 217 updates
  • Stable channel: 84 updates

Days between updates

Testing Stable
Mean 5.2 13.0
Median 4 10
Mode 3 8
Minimum 1 2
Maximum 26 35

So we are indeed in an “abnormal” interval :wink:

Sorry for the n00b question, I didn’t know this. Does that mean that when using (also) the AUR, one should rather be on Testing Branch?

As a bare minimum - yes - preferably unstable as even testing may be out of sync with Arch stable

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You can use the AUR on other branches if you are careful, its only certain packages, or the moon is just right. But the “Arch User Repository” is … for Arch, so updates and dependency expectations, et al, may reflect that to a (sharp) point, depending on any number of interacting variables. To be the closest to Arch in these terms, and thus largely avoid those issues, in Manjaro means using the Unstable Branch.

PS. @Aragorn for the keyring thing…
You can see it run down here:
[UNSTABLE] pacman keyring issues - keyring reset after reboot


You can always change to the testing branch for more frequent updates: Switching Branches - Manjaro

Gotcha, that makes sense.

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