Is it for Linux or for Windows?, Chess program

Could someone tell me if this is a program to run on Linux?

I mean the second download, the one that says ‘ready to use’:

The page is … ://

It can be downloaded and installed but it does not seem to be working correctly, at least not to where it is expected to do so (I think that the NNUE does not activate in Linux) so I would like to know if there is any way to verify that it is indeed designed for Linux or is it only a Windows program, it says nothing about it.


It is a windows application. Every binary that ends with a suffix like .exe is windows. But you can try starting it with wine. Guess you need to install some dependencies which are not fully included in wine.

Well, yes, it was the first thing i did, to install wine, but since it do not work properly it looks to me that not even with wine installed it is able to be ready for Linux, something is missing, it looks like the NNUE is not activated (just guessing i’m not an expert in linux). And of course it works fine in Windows.

Is it a DOS Application? Then you would need dosbox

Hey @keos there is linux version :smiley:

In the AUR is package that must be build:

pamac build stockfish

@megavolt stockfishNNUE is not stockfish.

Maybe my original question is not at all good.
Yes, it is a DOS/Windows … but the point is that it is not working fine in Linux, why? – and they said: “it is ready to use”, so, we are not supouse to add anything else.

Can the aplication be used in Linux?. Nobody is saying anything about it.

Again, i think the problem is that in Linux, for some reason the NNUE … can’t be activated. Wine?, … i don’t know …

@keos Read this: Stockfish Blog — Introducing NNUE Evaluation

NNUE is available in the dev build and it is stockfish. Sorry, i have no idea what this is and how to use it. Just saying, there is stockfish with NNUE support for linux. It works, but as the blog says:

Stockfish 12 is not expected to be released imminently–we want some time to let this major change bake for a bit. But you might still want to try out NNUE! Three simple steps:

So, if there is a linux version, why do you stick to a windows one?

Because stockfish 11 0r 12, wherever is not stockfishNNUE (this is another thing)!!. – and the NNUE do not work on Linux.

I’m not able to post links here at the forum (?). well we tried en Endeavourus to install the NNUE and we got it but … it was not working.

Any way thank you very much.

You could try lutris to run it.

In July 2020, the playing code of NNUE was put into the official Stockfish repository as a branch for further development and examination. In August that playing code merged to the master branch and become an official part of the engine. However, the training code still remained in Nodchip’s repository [12] [13]. On September 02, 2020, Stockfish 12 was released with a huge jump in playing strength due to the introduction of NNUE and further tuning

Can confirm it works with v12.
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