Is it blasphemy that I love this Mac theme?


blasphemer ! :smirk:

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The McMojave theme for Plasma is also great.
No blasphemy, it looks good.


Well Mac theme has changed since the last time I saw it.
Jokes aside, this looks more like elementary OS.


If by "theme" you mean "wallpaper"...


Pretty! I thought it was GNOME? (and maybe belongs in the October stuff?) :smiley:


No, because Linux use “isn’t supposed to be about looks”:wink:

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these folks may disagree


yeah, well, hipsters gonna hip.

That all aside - aesthetics are only important to you if they are important to you... but if you have some sort of preference .. then its totally subjective and you should make/use whatever you like.

(aside from those crazy people who put the window buttons on the left. those people are evil. :crazy_face:)

Unless it somehow inhibits functionality (and even thats arguable) its just all about your own opinion.


now this is blasphemy!


and there is no such thing as a mac theme

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As a Manjaro i3 user on an old 2007 iMac, I approve.

I just upgraded my Mac from Mojave to Catalina. I haven't spent much time looking at the wallpapers etc as I still use a photo I got from the web. I have never been to California so the photos that come with macOS are the only way I see anything from that neck-of-the-woods.

How's the upgrade going for you? I hear people are having issues with the App Store.

Blasphemy? Just rock what you like. I'm using Google backdrops for Chromecast in KDE slideshow along with some of my own pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


looks like Macpup!

I have XFCE with short bottom panel and top bar
so more 'cupertino' than 'redmond'

but already solved:

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I haven't used the app store since the upgrade. I know that Apple typically brings out updates and fixes to new versions about a month after the initial release so I am sure a bunch of bugs will be killed off by the end of October, early November. So far, the apps I am using are working fine.

and icons, and cursor, I wish I knew how to change the top bar


thank you

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