Problems with KDE global themes

Anyone else having problems with KDE global themes in settings?

Every time I try apply one in the global theme settings menu it results in a broken off-centered GUI with the task bar not changing to what its supposed to, black background (which I can fix easily but that shouldn’t be happening), missing icons etc.

I tried everything: different computers, different distributions etc.
Occasionally after a distro reinstall I am able to apply a new theme correctly where it looks as it should. I will try installing the themes manually when I get the chance to but if the global themes were broken I’d see everyone complaining yet it works perfectly for everyone I asked (am I doing something blatantly wrong?!).

The only theme that applies properly like its supposed to every time are the default breeze themes.

Advice would be appreciated!
(I will post screenshots after I reinstall Manjaro on my new drive)

Hi everyone,

I have this problem when I try to install global themes too.

La instalación de /tmp/QOYyUw-com.github.vinceliuice.WhiteSur-dark.tar.xz ha fallado: No se ha podido instalar la dependencia: «kns://sddmtheme.knsrc/»

does anyone know this error???.