Is it a privacy concern to use the official KDE weather widget?

Online APIs used - Weather data - Coordinates -> Timezone - IP -> Coordinates

If you want to secure your machine fully move into a cell like room, disconnect lan cable, remove the wifi/bluetooh card and have all items delivered to you.

When it comes to these concerns the most important consideration is the threat level you’re anticipating. This you have to work out on an individual basis depending on what info your machine contains, what an adversary could possibly do with it and what consequences a breach may have for you.

A ‘free’ online service may/will sell your data to advertisers, law enforcement or criminal gangs. Social media may/will hand over data on requests backed up by judges(facebook&co gets the majority of court orders from Russia, Turkey etc). Using secure messengers like wire, signal etc will get you in trouble in Ethiopia, etc.

So, in short, try to analyse your individual situation realistically when deciding what you put on your machine and what damage a potential adversary who obtained this info can do to you.
After all, you ‘share’ everything.

Personal data

As a app or site developer, the confidentiality of the users’ personal data are your own responsibility. If you call the API directly from an app or browser, the user’s IP address will be stored in our logs, along with any possible geocoordinates used in requests. To guarantee anonymity we recommend using a proxy gateway so that the ip addresses of the users are not revealed to us.

All access logs are stored in our own data center in Oslo, Norway. Company email addresses (used in User-Agent headers) are not considered personal information for GDPR and other privacy purposes. For more information, see our Privacy Policy Statement.
Terms of Service

No privacy information for GeoNames Web Service Documentation

No privacy information specifically for GeoIP: Data privacy | Ubuntu

Though theoretically, one only needs to publish such information if it does manage private data.


i think i’ll skip installing it and just do a quick weather search when needed.

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