Is is able to disable update kernel related packages?

I was using testing branch now unstable branch, the kernel replated packages such as


are updated quite often, every time I update these packages, some of my packages will not work, such as kitty, alacritty, calibre, they won’t open a new sesstion after the updates due to the GL-xxx issue, I have to reboot my computer.

Is it able to just ignore these kernel relataed updates since I don’t need them to update frequently?

I can put some packages into the IgnorePkg part of pacman.conf, but I’m not sure it will work for kernel packages or it may have some bad effect.

Or anyone has some solution that I don’t have to reboot my computer to make those applications work after updates.

You should always reboot after updating kernel packages. If you do not want this, then perhaps you should look for a non-rolling distribution, or perhaps switch back to the Stable branch, which doesn’t get updates as often and as randomly as the Unstable branch.



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