Is Hack a nerd font?

AFAIK: Hack is not a nerd font, here’s a picture of a checkmark glyph in KDE Font Viewer using Hack:

But when I went to the nerd font GitHub page for Hack, in the Quick installation section, the link to install is the official Hack TrueType font:

And if you look closer in the bottom-left corner:
So is the original Hack font a nerd font?

That is correct.

That’s ttf-hack available in the official repos.

No. Those are instructions to convert the original font into a nerd font. :wink:

nerd-fonts-hack is available in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

Thanks, I tried the Hack nerd font, but the checkmark glyph still didn’t appear. Is this something specific with the Hack nerd font?

It’s possible the issue could be fixed with 2.2.2 released today. However, the nerd-fonts-hack AUR package has not been updated yet.

No, It’s not that, I tried the latest Nerd Font, they just didn’t include it.

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