Is GNOME shell updated to 40 now (in June)?

I’d like to use GNOME 40, I’ve heard GNOME apps are updated to 40, but is GNOME shell updated to 40? Thanks

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It is still at 3.38 in Manjaro Stable, but 4.0 is already in Manjaro Testing, which means that it’s not going to be long anymore before it percolates down into Stable. I’m guessing ─ but don’t pin me down on this ─ that it’ll be at most about two weeks.

Manjaro may be a rolling-release distribution, but it’s a curated rolling release. We in the community test things more thoroughly before the devs declare them stable for production use. :wink:

By the way, you can check on the versions of the individual packages here.


So, @Aragorn, if I install Manjaro now, when GNOME -shell 40 lands, I don’t have to install again, right? I’m new to this whole rolling release thing, sorry if I sound stupidd

Correct, although I would for reasons of smooth upgrading recommend completely logging out of GNOME and running the upgrade in a tty. So, you would press Ctrl+Alt+F3, log in as yourself, and then run either…

pamac update

… or…

sudo pacman -Syu

It’s okay ─ we get that sort of question a lot from people used to fixed-point-release distros. :wink:


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