Is FireFox stable in Manjaro/Plasma?

I’m new to linux and Manjaro. I’m running Plasma. I’m looking for a stable (as in doesn’t lag up or crash) browser and I’m not sure it is firefox at this point. In the past I used it on windows and macOS and the only time I had issues with it was when it used up all my ram (21g on windows, 8g on macOS). Now I’m on a desktop PC again and have 32g of RAM. However, it starts to get laggy and even freezes once I use up about 10-12g of RAM which is about 150-200 tabs in multiple windows. I have not had this issue on other OS’s. On other OS’s I could have 500+ tabs in multiple windows before it maxed out the ram and started to lag or freeze. Is it linux or firefox or is it the Plasma edition of Manjaro that isn’t able to handle a lot of tabs? I know for many people this amount of tabs might be crazy, however I have them open for work, ideas, study material, youtube, news, purchases/returns, and Netflix/Hulu/ect. Do I need to switch to another browser or manjaro desktop environment? I prefer firefox for it’s addon’s uBlock/sessions manager/others and from what I have read is that chromium still hasn’t removed all the google spyware from it, thus I have no desire to loose out of privacy with chromium. On top of that I’ve read that brave is whitelisting twitter/facebook…

Any suggestions on a new browser/desktop-environment to fix this issue? Or are there just some settings that need to be tweaked to fix this issue?

Info: (this same box use to run windows with 21g ram and had no issues with running 100s of tabs in firefox)
Manjaro Plasma
Kernel 6.6.16-2
i5 2500K
32g ddr3
MOBO: P8P67 Delux v3
Nvidia GTX 470

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inxi -Fazy

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