Is Czur ET 24 Pro supported?

Hi all,
anyone have experience with the Czur ET 24 Pro scanner?

The controlling program is distributed as .deb package and works correctly on Debian.

Saddly this scanner loses almost all functionality if used as a generic SANE scanner

What is “the controlling program” called? Chances are that it’s in the AUR, but even if not, then there are ways — at your own risk, of course — to install the driver or program in an Arch-based distribution.

But then, of course, we need to know what it’s called.

Thanks for your time.

Well the package name is “scanner_x86_64_1.7.2312301E.deb”
The application icon is named “CZUR Scanner”
The launched binary is “/opt/scanner/scanner”

The download page is

Well, there doesn’t appear to be anything for it in either the repo or the AUR, but what you could try — at your own responsibility, of course — is install the .deb package by way of debtap, which is itself an AUR package.

So first you will have to build debtap:point_down:

pamac build debtap

Once it’s built, you can use debtap for installing the .deb package into Manjaro (or any other Arch derivative), provided that the .deb package doesn’t do anything harmful to the system. It was most likely configured for Ubuntu, and I don’t know enough about Ubuntu’s internal organization in terms of file placement et al.

So, caveat emptor:man_shrugging:

Thanks a lot.
I’ll try asap

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