Is Brave Browser official for Manjaro?


I am very new at linux and i have few questions to ask.
Is that brave browser on the image offical repo? Is it safe to install anything from here?
https:// imgur. com/a/7NEar8G (i cant put links so please just delete the blank areas for the link…

The Brave download website page says it is not offical and i must install it from the AUR. I am confused.
And i have saw some posts on the forum that tells brave browser removed from the repos. It is also says Brave is no longer available at Manjaro. I couldnt put the links on this post. I guess i am not allowed to.

I am very confused at this point.


I just checked on my machine. I pamac shows it is available in the community repository.

It is available in the official repository (community). In terminal run:

pamac install brave-browser

or install from the pamac GUI as you had shown in screenshot.

It is official brave in the official repos.
But brave is never safe :wink:


Why is that brave is never safe? It’s differnt topic but i really want to hear more.

Just search for it … look at their github issues, their user agreement, any of my longer posts about it on this or the old forums, etc.
Their model is tracking you, and they have demonstrated that they are not trustworthy many times over.


ok so, i search it for a bit and make my decision to not use brave. i was wanting to use it for the payment lol. thank you for saving me!

Brave browser can have settings changed to limit or eliminate tracking:

  • turn off the news feed in new pages
  • disable crypto, wallet, and rewards
  • disable their backgrounds
  • maybe hold off on their search until more details emerge
  • disable the product analysis
  • disable the ping backs
  • disable the crash reports
  • probably not sync back to their service

I might have forgotten one or two items, but after doing the above, you get a decent browser that blocks a lot of trackers and is kept up to date, and also works on most web sites. With a Chrome-like UI, it’s easy for users to migrate to it.


I guess … with their partners whitelisted … so you would still be better served by tweaking chromium and adding ublock:origin. Probably less steps and better results.
(to be clear - brave is chromium based)
Thats to not even mention sandboxing, unprivileged namespaces, etc.

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Regarding security, I am calm with what manjaro and other distributions choose (FF + ublock origin or similar) decide, also even when there are exploits, in which we trust usually respond very well and solve these.
here’s something to read… forgive my translated English

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