Is bogofilter active in Evolution?

Hello everyone,

How can I check whether the bogofilter is active in Evolution? I installed the bogofilter package.

There is a evolution-bogofilter package - this is likely what you want.

have a look:

Arch Linux - Package Search

You chose the first - what you want is likely the second

Arch Linux - evolution-bogofilter 3.50.4-1 (x86_64)

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the installed package is evolution-bogofilter 3.50.4-1. But how can I see, if it is activated?

To be perfectly honest:
I don’t know.
And I’m not going to go and find out by testing.

What results would you expect to see?
How would you verify it working? -

activated or not

Probably check under the program’s preferences to find any reference to plugins/extensions.

According to the official page, you have to train the spam filter, it won’t filter anything by default.

Thank you very much! I found a Link

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