Is autocad available on manjaro?

Hello guys im wondering on if autoCAD and adobe programs are available on Manjaro or if there is a alternative if they are not l available

Check this out

If you want to suffer, follow this … is not worth the trouble tho, in any linux distribution, and to run it in VM, there is no gain.

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Oh alright is there a alternative?

Will quote from the second link, if you read along that post, you will see:

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Thank you so much
Is there also an alternative to adobe or can i install that as well?

As far as I know, AutoCAD is proprietary software that only comes in versions for macOS and MS-Windows. There is no GNU/Linux version of it.

However, there are a few alternatives… :arrow_down:

  • From the Community repository:
    ° librecad (2D CAD)
    ° qcad (2D CAD)
    ° openscad (3D CAD)

  • From the AUR (“Arch User Repository”)… :arrow_down:
    ° antimony (3D CAD)
    ° bricscad
    ° freecad-linkstage3-bin
    ° freecad-appimage
    ° front-panel-designer
    ° gstarcad-bin
    ° heekscad-git
    ° implicitcad
    ° qctsxcad
    ° varkon
    ° zwcad-bin

There might be yet a few others. :wink:

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Krita, Gimp and Inkscape are tools that you can use as alternatives to adobe products. Some might argue that you can’t do the same. Personally i prefer them, even tho the workflow is different, so you might need some time to get used to.

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Thank you so much


If you need alternatives for more software:


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