Is AUR Upwork desktop app is realiable?

Hi, I am using linux since early this year. So, I am working as a digital marketer. I am working right now in Upwork. So, I have confusing that the Upwork Desktop app which is build by AUR are safe to use or not? If not so what will be the suggestion.

All advicers are highly appreciable!

The upwork AUR package just unpacks the .deb directly from Upworks website. You can examine the PKGBUILD to see what it does.


I am not quite usable with Linux package build but is it safe when downloading from the package manager app?

It’s up to you to decide if it’s safe or not, but using Add/Remove Software is the easiest.

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Thanks for the support. I think first we have to take a look at the source after using the software. Thanks a vast again!!! :heart_eyes:

Doesn’t seem like the apps code is open source.
What you get with the AUR package is the binaries. They are simply extracted from the .deb package (debian package format) and “converted” into an alpm package so you can install it with pacman/pamac. That’s all the AUR PKGBUILD is doing…

Now that .deb does come from the official upwork page. (as @Yochanan mentioned) → So if you trust upwork (which I guess you do, otherwise you would not use that service at all :wink: ) there is no reason not to trust the AUR package…

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Thanks, @moson for making me more cristal clear about this issue. However, thanks a vast :blush:

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