Is anyone using the RPI-Monitor Package from the AUR?

Specifically, this package: AUR (en) - rpimonitor

I got the docker-container to run, but it doesn’t … completely … understand the platform it is on, and I was wondering if the AUR version might work better.

Has anyone tried it?

If you run it in a container you might need to give it privileged access and also share some system folders into the container so it can read the information…

It should be documented on the container image README how to run it properly.

Update: as usual Google is your friend: Custom installation — RPi-Monitor v2.13-r0

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Thanks. I actually got it running with the docker container last night.

I was just a bit disappointed because it doesn’t seem to completely understand the hardware it’s on, so I was curious if anyone had tried the AUR version and found it to be more accurate. (For instance, the docker version says I’m running "Firmware: #1 and can’t read the CPU voltage, and also doesn’t seem to be able to tell whether any packages are actually upgradeable or not.)