Is 30GiB root still enough for regular users?

I’ve been hitting the limit a lot lately. Did a lot of system maintenance nearly everytime for the past 5 updates.

I think for regular users, 90 GiB should be a fair standard. Is that too much or should 60 GiB suffice?

If you offload your Timeshift backups to an external drive, you can create more much breathing room, even with 30 GiB for your root filesystem.

(This is what I do with a spare USB drive.)

I also do not keep any cache of older packages (configurable in Pamac’s settings.)


yes, that should be enough for a regular user. i’m always surprised that linux is very efficient and space saving. 30 GB for root should also be enough even if i would be a little bit afraid and give it a little bit more, but all in 30 GB are a good starting point.

I don’t have timeshift. I probably should try keeping 0 packages.

In what way?

It depends on what you define as “regular” …
If you use snaps and/or app images
it can get tight quite quickly.

Also, if you use ext4 as a filesystem - it, by default, reserves 5% of the available space for the use of the super user only (root)
This can add up to a very significant amount of unavailable space on large drives.
This can be changed with
tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sdxy
(for only 1% reserved space)
for example.

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If you use btrfs it is best to not go over 75%

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

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