IPX / NCPFS / Dosemu

Buenos dias a todos.
Les comento lo que estoy buscando.
En la empresa donde trabajo disponen de dos servidores algo antiguos, que corren Novell netware (3,12 y 6,0).
Tengo varios sistemas linux que mediante el soporte del protocolo IPX en el kernel mas NCPFS y Dosemu, puedo conectarme a estos servers y correr las aplicaciones alojadas el ellos.
El tema es que necesito actualizar el parque informatico y me encuentro con que el kernel ya no tiene soporte para IPX, NCPFS y DOSEMU estan practicamente si desarrollo.
Necesito saber si alguien ha podido experimentar y hacer algo al respecto, ya que en hardware nuevo, las versiones antiguas de cualquier distribucion linux no funciona.
Agradezco cualquier tipo de orientacion que puedan darme al respecto.

Atte, ARiel Chiaramello

Hello, everyone.
I tell you what I’m looking for.
The company where I work has two somewhat old servers, which run Novell netware (3.12 and 6.0).
I have several Linux systems that, by supporting the IPX protocol in the kernel plus NCPFS and Dosemu, can connect to these servers and run the applications hosted on them.
The issue is that I need to update the computer park and I find that the kernel no longer has support for IPX, NCPFS and DOSEMU are practically undeveloped.
I need to know if anyone has been able to experiment and do something about it, since on new hardware, old versions of any Linux distribution do not work.
I appreciate any kind of guidance you can give me on this matter.

Atte, ARiel Chiaramello

another way may be oracle linux client - after all they are the successor within the novell flamily

That depends … and may be entirely correct - if that new hardware requires newer kernel modules to function

Easy solution - buy hardware that can run 5.10 LTS, which isn’t that old. IPX was removed in 5.15.

Otherwise GitHub - pasis/ipx: IPX kernel module for Linux 4.18+ seems to be maintained and will build on latest kernels. There’s a link there for NCPFS module too.

DOSEMU is in the official repositories so I assume it works?

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