iPhone on Manjaro but No Thumbnails

So I finally had some time today to figure out the tweaks I am trying to get sorted out on Manjaro. Right now, I finally figured out how to get my iPhone to be accessible to see my pictures and videos on the system. However, unlike my photos I have on my PC there seems to be no thumbnails for the pictures from my iPhone. All the pictures and videos Open up, but I can’t see whats what. Even if I copy it to a folder on the hard drive, there still isn’t any thumbnails. Any ideas? or is it just an iPhone being a bad apple?

Iphone Thunar File Manager to mount and open the iPhone Directory, Thumbnails are in my downloaded pictures, its just the iPhone Directory with no thumbnails. Even if I transfer them to Manjaro folders, their still isn’t an thumbnails.

What format and general size are the images?
KDE has modules/settings that could be pertinent.
But while this is categorized KDE you say …

Can you explain a bit more ?

I installed Thunar from google off an Arch site. Arch Linux - thunar 4.16.10-1 (x86_64) .I found a solution I just copied everything to a temperorary folder, and changed the folder back to dolphin and the Thumbnails started popping up. It might be an extension or something I missing for the Thunar File Explorer I downloaded. But its a solution nonetheless.

I dont know why you need thunar.
And we have it in our Repos.
Manually downloading is generally not how we manage software in Manjaro/Linux.
And specifically in the case of Arch - you may be mixing versions and creating incompatibilities.


i was just following the steps on mounting the iPhone. It said to use Thunar and it was there Mounted, but its not manageable in Dolphin, as it doesn’t show it on the side bar. Either way it might be a few extra steps but its doing what I need it do for transferring and backing up my phone.

Whatever the case … the ‘why you need’ was quite aside from ‘this is not how to handle software … install thunar from our repos using any supported method, and follow such practices going forward’.

I’m assuming your issue is due to Apple relying on HEIF file formats. HEIF plug-in is included in kimageformats package and you can modify the following file to enable HEIF/HEIC thumbnails:


Just add image/heif to the line which begins with MimeType=

sudo nano /usr/share/kservices5/imagethumbnail.desktop

Restart your system and you’ll get your thumbnails on dolphin.

You may need to adjust size limit on dolphin’s settings as HEIF pictures can be massive sometimes. Check Previews under General and set “Skip previews for local files above” to something like 100 MiB.