Ion fury GOG wont start and this game is linux native

i downloaded an sh file from gog installed from terminal got the desktop shortcut and it dosent start nothing happens
UPDATE to anyone who finds this on google search
If you buy ion fury on steam it will work on manjaro but not GOG
because ion fury on steam uses Eduke32 go figure

Is threre a readme file contained in the package ?

from a short look I saw this on their site:


The game requires additional libraries packages: libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0

The game can not be downloaded without first having to pay - therefore no one but you can look into the matter.

Make sure you have the package sdl2_mixer installed.
Don’t know whether the game checks during installation for the existence of that.

Can you start the game via terminal? The possible error messages should be helpful.

From their FAQ:

How do I start the game?

Start the game by using the desktop or menu shortcuts created by the installer by default. Alternatively:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Navigate to the path where the game is installed
  3. Type:


there is but its just a link to gog with instructions that i already followed

thanks but its didn’t work

be more explicit
What didn’t work?
The first suggestion or the second one or both?

both suggestions nothing happens like before

It’s hard to believe that literally nothing happens when you start the thing from a terminal,
but I will believe you.

In that case I’m out of ideas though, since there is literally nothing we have to go on.


so back to windows it is. but thanks

Presumably you paid for the game - ask them to help you make it work.

i will try but its a one in a million case i bet

Why not try on Ubuntu or an Ubuntu based distro, since that’s what’s listed as supported?

really ? i didnt know that but for me manjaro is the most stable and easy to use so i aint about that

error while loading shared libraries: i tried again with the terminal and got this

It wants to use a version of a library which you don’t have:
… and cannot have
Why can’t you have it?
Because the Arch (and presumably the Manjaro) version that you can have is:

They use/require an old version - Manjaro is … too new.

Ubuntu, which they support, does still have this version.
Manjaro doesn’t anymore.

You can try installing flac (that library is part of that package),
but my guess is that it is already installed.

You’d need to find a way to get the older version
and then have the game to actually use the older version.

Maybe not impossible, but hard to do for someone with no experience. :man_shrugging:

than switching to linux was a bad idea if it cant even run a NATIVE game

They have explicitely told you the requirements.
Ubuntu version xyz was one of the requirements.

Don’t rant against Linux in general when
it was your decision to use Manjaro and not heed their advice.

On a more constructive note:
I think the game can be had on Steam
which then will not be a problem

i know but it was way cheaper on gog lol

If it is only this specific lib-file then I would try to symlink it to and see what happens.
I did something similar years ago when I wanted to get GoogleEarth working on Debian.

Install flac1.3 which have,

flac in the official repo is at

By the way, next time please lunch from terminal and post the error instead of simply saying it don’t work