Invalid pacman database of manjaro-sway

Hello, I am new to this distro, I have had no problems until this morning, I tried to update a couple of packages and I am having the following error:

The content of the file does not make sense to me, what can I do to solve it?

Start with removing screenshot of text and replace it with preformatted text.


CDN Cache problem in your area. Wait and repeat. Packages are stored on CloudFlare/AWS for Manjaro-Sway. Possible that your country blocks it? Who knows :man_shrugging:

O.K. I had the same problem and disabled the manjaro-sway repo for the time being to at least update the other packages. Now reactivated it and it works again with manjaro-sway too.

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FYI: The main issue tracker for Manjaro sway is the Manjaro sway GitHub issue tracker, not the Manjaro Forum. You can find it here: GitHub - manjaro-sway/manjaro-sway: manjaro linux with wayland 🖼, sway 🌴 and a lot of ♥

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