Internet usage widget

Anyone can suggest me an internet usage monitoring software that i can add it in widget like this For KDE plasma

and show me daily data usage of wifi

On what, kde, gnome, xfce?

In the future, please include some basic information. What desktop you are using is less than the minimum.

I think you are using KDE.
I also think your picture is specifically the “Network speed” widget that is already included with Plasma.
(note: you may need to adjust the settings for it to appear in your panel as shown in the photo)

If for whatever reason you need an alternative there is also this one on
(and pling, and in the desktop widget installer, and in discover)
Network Bandwidth Monitor -

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kde plasma :sweat_smile:

Yes i am using kde plasma , i want a widget to show me Daily wifi usage :blush:

What does this mean ?

How much you have downloaded in the last 24 hours ?
(And that total constantly displayed in panel ?)

How much you have downloaded since the beginning of $Today ?
(And that total displayed in panel, resetting at 00:00 every day ?)

I guess in whatever case thats not a feature of the widgets presented.

yeah that what i wanted , if widget is not present then any software ?

This should do it for you:

  1. Run in a terminal ip a to get your network interface names - ethernet interfaces should start with “e”, wireless with “w” (eg wlo1)

  2. Install vnstat (it is in the Extra repository)

(I’m not sure if step 3 below is essential as the systemd job afterwards may do the same thing, but it will auto-detect your network interfaces & add them to the vnstat database)

  1. sudo vnstatd -d

  2. sudo systemctl enable vnstat.service (to start the vnstat daemon at boot)

  3. Install this Plasma widget & add it to your desktop: Command Output - KDE Store

  4. Configure the Command Output widget to run the following command: vnstat -i wlo1 -d 2

(note: change wlo1 to the name of your wireless interface). The -d 2 part shows 2 day’s usage (today & yesterday). You might want to also change the milliseconds that Command Output runs the command to something like 60000 (60 seconds). The default of 1000ms runs the job every second.

I just did the above steps & activated my mini-PC’s wifi connection (I normally use ethernet, so the wifi figures are very low). Here’s the widget working on my desktop:


You may have to play around with the widget’s fonts to get things to line up, but it is still quite easy to understand as it is.

i was installing vnstat BUT there is update for manjaro and right now i dont have that much Data what should i do ?

(In a terminal) pamac install vnstat

and i install the command output but the error is showing

Did you run sudo vnstat -d?

My apologies - I’m new to vnstat too. The correct command is: sudo vnstatd -d (note the extra d for the daemon). Make sure you follow the steps in my original post exactly - that post does have the correct command.

Excellent - it’s working. If you run vnstat -i wlp0s20f3 -d 2 (don’t use sudo) in a terminal, you should now see some wifi statistics.

You need to run the command using your network interface’s name, not mine.

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how to add widget now

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It’s all in my earlier instructions. To add a widget to your desktop just right click on the desktop, select “Add Widget”, and drag the installed widget to your desktop. It is a very easy process. I’ve marked my original post as the solution to this topic.