Internet suddenly stops working even though connected to Wi-Fi - Manjaro XFCE

Hi Guys,

For some time I am exhibiting an internet issue as described bellow.

-My machine is Lenovo IdeaPad Y570, operated by dual boot (on two different SSDs). OS1: Linux Manjaro XFCE and OS2: Windows 7 home. Via OS2 I have no problems with my Wifi internet and various browsers. However, on Linux I have frequently the following issue, regardless the browser used (Chromium, Palemoon, Opera and Vivaldi):
-While browsing or conducting video call, suddenly the internet stops working and fails to reload a page or continue the call.
-Wifi is still displayed as connected at full.
-No other devices are connected simultaneously.
-Router is frequently refreshed.
-Upon restart of the PC, the problem seem to disappear and after some time it occurs again.

I would highly appreciate any help, how to resolve the issue and its origins.

Thank you in advance,