Internet-Radio Tracker / Grabber

Many years ago, I’ve used WinAmp to record Internet Radio Station.
It was quite comfortable… you choose a Internet-Radio-Station click record, and you got all the tracks, named by song-title and Interpret/ Band-Name at your disk (as mp3).

Now I wonder if there is any Application like that available for linux.
Streamripper unfortunately discontinued 2009 :frowning:

Good old VLC can do that. Or check: .

Try Audacity (official repos) , streamtuner2 (AUR) or audio-recorder (AUR).
It can also be done with ffmpeg via CLI
VLC is also an option.

Thanx, but I think the issue with audacity or vlc is, that the filename not show which title, interpret, etc. the song is, so that you have to listen and rename it later on… or am I wrong?

I found ghettoRecorder in the Package-Manager, which looks very promissing.

It can record multiple stations at the same time, and via Browser-GUI (on localhost) you also can choose to listen to one of it right during recording.

The only audio player that I know of that can record an audio stream as individual tracks with filenames using Artist name and Track title metadata is Qmmp using the File Writer Plugin

Files are recorded in .ogg format and I don’t see any option to change file format to .mp3

Qmmp also supports Winamp2 skins

If you require .mp3 recording winamp2 is available from AUR to run in WINE

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To be honest, the best way I found to grab a tune is to use QMPlay2. I imported the playlist I used for Strawberry - which is actually better if you like to get running lyrics whilst listening.

It integrates well with radiobrowser - so switching to the ‘MyFreeMP3’ tab and copy/pasting the track brings up options for downloading - usually it’s a good quality 320k mp3 file usually good enough to import - but also, there are usually (as you can see) many versions so you can listen and pick the best one too.

So for a music station with good info I use Strawberry, and look for downloads in QMPlay2 :wink:

Special thanks to @nikgnomic here, loading up my Radio Stations (m3u playlist) into QMMP looks okay, better for me with the Alternative interface - I’ll use this to grab stuff from Radio 4 Extra (they don’t include data in the stream so it’s all manual).

SoundConverter can soon do an insane lame vbr mp3 for which I got pretty much the same size file.

QMMP doesn’t pull in covers, but started a new file for the next transition/tune (separating news etc)… so I’d chalk this up as the best way to record (sometimes I want to record from stations which don’t stream information/headers etc like BBC Radio 4 Extra).

So yes, QMMP is good - simultaneously offering lyrics. I never got into VLC, maybe I should try it again someday.