Internet not working in manjaro after installing hardened linux

I installed hardened linux in manjaro after i rebooted my laptop the wifi was not working i tried to look for a way to fix it but i coundnt find anything that can fix the issue but ethernet still works is there a way to fix it or if there isnt how do i switch back to linux 65 if anyone knows how to to plaese tell me.

Thank you

Reboot, in the GRUB menu go to Advanced, select the kernel you want to boot on, and then uninstall the AUR kernel you added to Manjaro.

If you don’t see the GRUB menu at boot, spam the ESCAPE or the SHIFT key (I can never recall which one, maybe both work I’m not sure), you should see the GRUB boot menu before booting to your desktop.

Thank you so much it worked i thought i would have to reinstall manjaro.

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