Internet doesn't work in specific router

My laptop connects to other wifi routers and everything works, but if I connect to my home router it doesn’t work. I tried to connect to router by cable that goes through router, still doesn’t work. If I directly connect the internet to the computer without a router, it works. If I connect to wifi with my phone and share wifi to laptop it works.
If I boot from usb wifi works.

Obviously this is an issue with your router.

We can’t help you troubleshoot your router … :man_shrugging:

but router doesn’t work only on my laptop, with other devices it works

Since your Manjaro Linux system work as expected with other routers - it is obviously your home router which does not accept your Manjaro Linux system.

Why it is so? I have no idea and it is impossible to guess.

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I booted manjaro from usb and wifi worked, so I think problem is my settings

next step: create another user, log in as this new (test)-user. does it work ? in this case it would be something with your personal config files of the origin user, otherwise it’s something related to general settings.

I created new user and tried, it doesn’t work

did you edit any config files like /etc/resolv.conf or others in the past ? are you using any vpn or other things that you still not posted here ?

No, i didn’t change anything

Possible helpful info you can provide

Output (as text - not screenshot) from

cat /etc/resolv.conf


nmcli -t device show

okay take a live-iso and boot to the live system. connect to the internet with this iso. does it work ?

#Generated by NetworkManager

second one is too long: link to file content

Yes it works

You should always paste terminal output inside a code fence like this

output from cat /etc/resolv.conf

Thus you would have been able to paste the complete outpu but a pastebin is equally good.


You have a lot of containers running on bridged interfaces …

I see your primary wlan interface

GENERAL.STATE:100 (connected)
IP4.ROUTE[1]:dst =, nh =, mt = 600
IP4.ROUTE[2]:dst =, nh =, mt = 20600
IP6.ROUTE[1]:dst = fe80::/64, nh = ::, mt = 1024 

Then you have a bridge using the same ip range but with a different subnet

GENERAL.STATE:100 (connected (externally))
IP4.ROUTE[1]:dst =, nh =, mt = 0

And that could be your problem

One cannot and should not advise what to do or not do to solve this - it is simply not possible when one does not know the purpose of everything else - you on the other hand is supposed to know everything about this.


if you didn’t all the editing of the config file then who did it ? in this case i recommend that you ask the person who did all the settings !

btw. this is another topic where users claim they don’t know what happened, they did no changes and in the end we get a mess presented that the user expects to get solved by us. sorry but if you didn’t edited these configs, what i really trust, then ask the guy who did it not to get in trouble with him because “we” supposed to do so.

how can I remove that bridge? I really do not understand networks. I use docker for web development and it created containers

I have no idea - you are on your own with that.

One possible avenue could be to remove containers you don’t actually use.

ok, thanks

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